Wednesday Challenger Nights

5pm-7:30pm @ Truckee Rec Details

Calling all challengers! A new night has been added to Truckee Rec's Schedule, dedicated to 3.5 players and above..

Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: Truckee Rec Center
Price: $4 Drop-in or Punchcard

A new night comes with a new format. Truckee Rec is opening the gym’s four courts to challenge play. What does that mean? Well, if you’re a 3.5 player or above, come on in and check out the play. When you see a game that looks to be at your level, or if your curious to see if you can hold your own at a higher level, then lean your paddle against the net post. This signals to everyone that you have next! Winners stay, challengers play.

No need to worry about having a partner, the idea of the night is for everyone to mix it up, test their skills, and get better by challenging oneself.

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