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Who said Vegas weddings don't last?! No, it's not where Bev & Doug met, but it is where they fell in love with pickleball.

It was love at first sight when Bev & Doug were introduced to pickleball in Las Vegas. Prior to their first time playing, they had never heard of the game with a funny name (and we all know that’s the truth as who can forget its name). Upon returning to Incline Village, Bev & Doug realized a long distance relationship with the game just wasn’t going to work, so they set out on their journey to bring the game to Incline.

Already having a wonderful recreation and tennis facility, Bev & Doug thought it would be a slam dunk to add pickleball to the rec facilities. Not being discouraged by a tough (O.K., a little discouraging) initial response,  they were able to prevail and find the support they needed. As of late fall 2013, Incline was playing on 4 lined courts with portable nets. Less than five years later, Incline has grown to 4 gorgeous, dedicated courts, 4 mixed (pickleball/tennis), and drop-in play 7 days a week. And let me tell you, it’s quite the site to see when all 8 courts are rocking with more players ready to step up to the challenge!

If you haven’t played with Bev yet, just look for the lady with the stylish hats, she’s not to be missed. I was able to catch up with Bev recently and below are some great stories and even better tips for winning pickleball:

What do you most love about pickleball?

There are so many reasons to love pickleball. At the top of my list is that men and women can play together at equally competitive levels. It is less about raw strength, more about hand-eye coordination, angles, concentration. Before pickleball, the only thing I could beat Doug at was Scrabble. Now I have some wins on my side for a physical activity!

What’s your favorite pickleball memory?

Selecting the colors for our new dedicated courts this spring. They are Indian Wells purple, with a bright blue kitchen and a grey apron. Awesome.

What are you most excited about?

The continued growth of the sport locally, the prospect of more dedicated courts in Incline, and the pleasure of seeing people who might otherwise be on the couch finding exercise they can enjoy and a place they can meet new folks.

What’s your favorite pickleball tip?

I love bite-size pieces of information and inspiration. I have developed a number of “pickleball mantras.” I should produce tee shirts with the sayings!

  • Hit at the feet, you will defeat
  • Your team can’t win if your serve isn’t in
  • Eye on the ball says it all
  • Keep it low, steal the show
  • Don’t think, just dink
  • Hit in-between, split the team
  • Serve it deep, make ‘em weep

What’s an interesting non-pickleball fact about you and Doug?

We support and volunteer at the Pet Network Humane Society, our local no-kill animal shelter. We have 5 rescue cats. We take home the hard to place ones – blind, older, on daily lifetime meds, etc. Doug thinks our cat Siena is autistic. Could be. We give them another chance and we all enjoy the rewards of their companionship.

Speaking of pets, that leads me to another interesting fact about the two of us—after retirement Doug and I started writing books. Currently, we have 5 published books that you can find on, just search for “Douglas Keil” or “Beverly Keil” to read more.

Where is your favorite place to play outside of Tahoe?

Sorry, we are having way too much fun in Tahoe.

Finally, where can we find you playing in Tahoe?

Incline Village, they are our home courts and that’s where you’ll usually find us—especially at our Play & Stay Friday night parties.

That’s it for the interview. Feel free to share the story with your friends that may know Bev & Doug.

~ Matt

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