We have so many great players in the region, we thought it would be great to make sure everyone get’s their recognition. Let me know whenever a local player takes a medal, the tournament and event, and we will get the results added to the counter.

Huntsman Senior Games - 2018

The premier senior games west of the Mississippi

Women’s Singles 65-69 Division B
Gold       LouAnne Parker

Men’s Singles 60-64 Division A
Gold       Bob Deller

Men’s 60-64 Division A
Silver      Mike Forscheimer & Bob Deller

Men’s 60-64 Division E
Gold       Craig Rockwood & Paul White

Mixed 50-54 Division D
Gold       Donna Rockwood & Paul White




Fall Brawl - 2018

The primer tournament for the Huntsman Senior Games

Women’s 65+ 4.5
Bronze      Vicki Sharp & Sally Dobson 


Incline Open World Team Pickleball Event - 2018

A wonderful event hosted at Incline Village fully delivered on some challenging play and nonstop action. Winners of the event posted below.

  • Challengers (4.0+) – Becky Privitt, Brian Fairchild, Carol Amos, Myles Getto
  • Experienced (3.5)   – Greg Bashford, Richard Furtado, Rose Payne, Stephanie Wilhelm
  • Rookies (2.5 – 3.0)   – Willie Luntao, Erica Elliott, Mark Elliot, Sandy Genovese

Reno Senior Summer Games - 2018

When it comes to area tournaments, everyone is a winner. Make sure you congratulate all of your friends and neighbors!

Women’s Doubles 3.5
Gold      Kristen Cook &  Jeanne Guerrazzi
Silver     Linda Gisske & Susie Walker
Bronze   Pat Iten &  Mary Ann Ricciardi
Women’s Doubles 4.0
Gold      Sue Ernhout & Debbie Fuetsch
Silver     Carol Amos & Becky Privitt
Bronze   Laurie Persons & Karen Rinella
Women’s Doubles 4.5+
Gold      Laurie Roberts & Jana Spano
Silver     Joyce May & Vicki Sharp
Bronze   Brenda Gross & Kathy Updike
Mixed Doubles 3.5
Gold        Rick Gardner & Sue Ernhout
Silver       Karen Tomczak & Howie Favichia
Bronze     Dave Whitefield & Teena Parduhn
Mixed Doubles 4.0
Gold        Karen Rinella & Michael Holman
Silver       Brenda Gross & Reto Gross
Bronze     Becky Privitt & Bill Joseph
Mixed Doubles 4.5+
Gold        Jana Spano & Chenter Ying
Silver       Sara Betancourt & Bob Deller
Bronze     Kathy Updike & Sam Updike
Men’s Doubles 3.5
Gold        Mark Paulsen & Jeffrey Partyka
Silver       Mike McElroy & Michael Irwin
Bronze     Tom Abbett & Steven McClung
Men’s Doubles 4.0
Gold        Donald Fyfe & Michael Holman
Silver       Dan Busch & Sean Tener
Bronze    Phil Elcano & Gary Muhonen
Men’s Doubles 4.5+
Gold        Victor Betancourt & Terry Otis
Silver       Grant Wyborny & Chenter Ying
Bronze     Bob Johnson & Bill Joseph

Pickleball Zone Bend USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional - 2018

Some of our area’s best players made the trip North to go mine some gold!

Men’s Doubles 5.0 – 60+, 65+
Gold       Michael Forscheimer & Duke Grondin
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – 60+
Bronze   Ruby Carrasco-Paley & Terry Otis
Men’s Singles 4.0 – 65+
Bronze    Nick Sharp

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