I know you’re probably asking yourself, “I thought this was a pickleball tip, why is he talking about Tango?”

Well, the tip this week is about movement…with a partner…together—so naturally, you should think about dancing with your partner the next time you’re on the court. Let me explain more.

Often times when I’m at the courts, I see the teams that look more like two separate players trying to manage “their side.” One partner may move up, while the other stays back. Or one partner will move to cover the line while the other partner stays put where they are. No matter what, when players do not move together, a hole will open between them that I can easily put the ball between.

So instead of letting your opponents cut in on your dance partner, add the following dance moves and lay down the beat:

  • You and your partner should (almost) always be within arms reach of each other.
  • When moving to the kitchen, move together.
  • If your partner moves to defend their sideline, move with them and cover the center.
  • Don’t fight over which partner has the lead, the partner on the side of the court with the ball has the lead.
  • When you are taking the lead, communicate your next move to your partner.

I promise, if you start moving with your partners, you’re going to see how beautifully pickleball can be played.

And make sure you keep reviewing the prior Tip of the Weeks. The more you see, the more you practice, the more your play will improve. You can see all the past Tip of the Weeks by clicking here.

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