Nope, that’s not a spelling error all you singles, I really did mean DINGLES. But I’ll get to that in a second…

Let’s begin with the topic of grooving. Have you ever wondered how some players seem to have strokes as consistent as virgin corduroy, while your own shots seem to play out more like a slot machine? Well, I’m guessing if you fall into the slot machine category, you are probably part of the vast majority of players not taking time to groove their strokes with dedicated drilling.

Whether it’s your drop, drive, reset, or dink shot, you need to make time to transform your strokes from a game of chance to an extremely dependable friend. So with that said, I challenge you to start small and transform your warmups into a practice game with a purpose—DINGLES.

Take the time you normally warm up with dinking rallies that lack your focus and turn that time into dinking practice that recreates the shots you want to be hitting in games situations, with the added benefit of getting you focused.

Benefits of Dingles over your normal warmup:

  • Practice dinks that mimic your game-time shots.
  • Warm up against dink attacks that mimic game-time shots.
  • Enjoy all the repetitions of your normal dinking warmup, with the added laser focus it takes to improve.
  • Always remember, PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE. With DINGLES, purpose comes easily, try to win!

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Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. Additionally, let me know if there is a topic you’d like covered in an upcoming Tip of the Week.

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