How many times has this happened to you—you’re in the middle of a point and hit a great shot (an almost guaranteed winner), only to lose the point immediately on a miraculous return? I’m sure it’s more times than you’d like to admit.

Isn’t that funny, you hit a fantastic shot and almost immediately lose the point? If you’re staying positive, you just write it off as the player across from you hitting an even better shot than yours. Otherwise, you’re probably left feeling super frustrated.

Well, I can almost guarantee you there is one simple mantra that can help change your luck—”Sweet, Repeat.” Three syllables reminding you to follow your great shot by getting your paddle ready for ANOTHER great shot. This will change your luck because you’ll go from gawking at your great shots with your hands in your pockets to hands ready for the next putaway shot.

If this advice seems too simple an idea to improve the quality of your game—then just pay attention to the next game you’re watching and look what happens to players’ hands when they think they hit a winner. The better players will immediately get ready following every shot, while the ones getting beat are spending too much time admiring their shots—with their hands completely out of position until the ball is returned.

So give it a try and spend a couple of games thinking about one thing after every shot, “sweet, repeat.” I bet you’ll find yourself gawking less, getting ready earlier, and winning more points.

And yes, this even applies to when you hit those great dinks you’ve been hitting after last week’s tip.

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